Getting Ready for the Festival of Learning

When we first found out about ATD Fourth World, we didn’t hesitate to learn more about them. According to their Wiki page, ATD stands for All Together in Dignity and it works towards the eradication of chronic poverty through grass-roots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities all over the world. They’ve been in the Philippines since 1987.

One of their activities is the annual Festival of Learning every summer. They gather children in three different communities for a five-day series of workshops and activities — from storytelling to making crafts to dancing and singing. Sometimes it’s not just the kids who are involved; even older siblings and parents join in. This year’s theme is Mahal ko ang sarili ko. Mahal ko ang pamilya ko. Mahal ko ang komunidad ko. Mahal ko ang bansa ko.


We joined their orientation and planning session last March 23, held at their headquarters in Pandacan, Manila. (Click the link and try looking for our managing director Nine in the photos!) We also dropped by to help the facilitators make workshop materials. Even on these hot days of April, the facilitators and intenrs remain dedicated to their work.

Here’s the schedule of events for Festival of Learning 2013:
April 10-13 (Wed-Sat)       8:30 AM      Lozada/Hilum
April 14 (Sun)                    8:30 AM      Lozada/Hilum (Closing Activity)
April 17-20 (Wed-Sat)       2:00 PM      Tulay
April 21 (Sun)                    2:00 PM      Tulay (Closing Activity)
April 25-28 (Thurs-Sun)    1:00 PM      North Cemetery
April 29 (Mon)                   1:00 AM      North Cemetery (Closing Activity)


Aside from the Festival of Learning, their other activities include street libraries, fora and workshops. If you want to help, you can sponsor a child by donating P250. Your donation will cover the cost of one child’s participation in the Festival. Or if you have a few hours free this summer, you can also drop by the ATD Philippines headquarters before the designated activity time. Be a friend and volunteer your time and skills this summer!

ATD Fourth World Philippines
1225 Labores Street, Pandacan, Manila
Tel (632) 563-9312
Contact: Guy Malfait / 0947-4237238


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