Kuwentong Munti

Eskritoryo - Kuwentong Munti workshop

When we first started Eskritoryo Pilipinas, one thing was clear. We wanted to be able to reach kids and bring our old myths and legends to them. We at Eskritoryo feel that because of one thing, or another, our kids have been growing up without really knowing much about this part of our heritage. And let’s face it, so have we.

We hoped Kuwentong Munti could help change all that. Kuwentong Munti is an enrichment activity designed to introduce young readers to Philippine literature through local mythology and legends, and allow them to analyze and apply lessons learned in their daily life.

The Kuwentong Munti workshops are conducted for selected Grade 4-6 students from three schools/locations. Eskritoryo Pilipinas invites speakers (writers, poets, and artists) to conduct the workshops.

The two components of Kuwentong Munti are Story Appreciation and Writing. Story Appreciation includes a reading session that allows learners to discover Filipino myths, legends, and origin stories. The invited speakers will also be sharing their knowledge on literature and art. Writing/Creative Output is a creative workshop. It allows the learner to take inspiration from the tales and legends shared with them and create their own literary works. While there will be special attention given to writing, students will be also taught other creative ways of expression (like drawing or print-making or crafts-making).

MIPSS 064 (1)

Eskritoryo Pilipinas has conducted Kuwentong Munti workshops at Virlanie Foundation in Makati and Mary Immaculate Parish Special School in Las Piñas. Guests of the workshop have included storytellers from Museo Pambata and author Mina V. Esguerra. It’s a bit daunting since not all of us our teachers. But being with the kids and listening to their questions and watching them create things—that was an amazing feeling. After the storytelling session (we started with some very familiar myths and legends, but we hope that as the workshops progress, we can have a wider range of stories) asked kids to write about how they could create a world of their own or even to write their personal legend. It’s also fun to watch them share their answers and really see them using something ordinary like a fruit or an object to turn it into metaphors for themselves.

With your help, Kuwentong Munti hopes to continue to supplement the learner’s knowledge of Philippine culture and deepen their love and appreciation for our country’s culture and heritage.


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