About Us

Eskritoryo Pilipinas is an organization dedicated to promoting literature and environmental sustainability in early education.  We believe that a healthy imagination, especially one that can draw references and values from Philippine literature and the arts, can only strengthen a child’s desire to achieve more.

We aim to create environmentally-respectful fundraising activities that can help school children tap into this rich resource.  We wish to assist schools, organizations, and foundations in helping more school children love and appreciate learning.  We hope that we can help mold them to approach life with a literary frame of mind and consequently teach them to appreciate our cultural heritage further.  We believe in making environmentally responsible choices that will help safeguard the nation’s resources for future generations.


An improved level of appreciation and knowledge of Philippine literature among school children that goes beyond mere recognition and translates into a passion for culture, the arts, and the environment.


Eskritoryo Philippines is committed to:

  • broadening Filipino students’ awareness of  Filipino literary figures, models, and values, especially through methods that can go beyond the classroom;
  • using literature, art, design, fashion, and other fields of art to raise funds for the improvement of classrooms, libraries, and teaching programs;
  • promoting a ‘literary frame-of-mind’—that is, a way of thinking and looking at situations that draws inspiration from Filipino values in literature;
  • helping achieve a learning environment with shared and equal access to education and resources; and
  • instilling a healthy respect and appreciation for the environment through the use of environmentally-sustainable and indigenous materials.

Contact us:
Eskritoryo Pilipinas
5/F Builder’s Center Bldg
170 Salcedo St, Legaspi Village
Makati City


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